Tips and Tricks – 5 Tips for Need For Speed Payback

The Need For Speed racing franchise is back. Or should I say payback? You play as a crew of ex-racers reuniting for the sake of revenge. This trio wants to take down the house, a corrupt group in control of Fortune Valleys casinos, cops, and criminals.

This game brings more story, customization, and competition than ever before. So to help you sort through it all here are five tips for Need for Speed Payback. Tip number one the basics.

First things first, get familiar with the cars and the way each of the handles. As for types of cars, there are five categories, street, off-road, drift, drag, and runner. As you defeat leagues, you’ll unlock new car types at each of the different types of dealerships. If you want to take things a step further, you can even change how your car handles in the open world, with live tuning.

Hit down on the d-pad and adjust from there. Another thing you’ll want to do is an experiment with the camera angles. Spend time driving in each view to figure out which angle works best for you. Different views may even work better for different races. Tip number two, more basics: street lamps, bushes, floor level fences, and even cars are easy enough to move when you crash into them.

But watch out for big curbs, guard rails, road signs, and trees, they’ll stop you dead in your tracks. But these will come in handy when you’re being chased by the cops, or if you want to knock one of your opponents into them. As for your boost, it’s best used for straightaways, on your way out of turns and as you’re hurtling towards the finish line. But don’t sit on a full meter, use it whenever you can. If you want to conserve the smart way, keep an eye on your mini-map as well as how much is left in the race.

Side bets are another fun aspect of the game. At the beginning of a race, you’ll be given a challenge. If you think you’ll succeed at the challenge you can make a bet and earn some extra cash. But before betting, know what you’re getting into. Do a trial run. The challenge might be tougher or easier than you expected.

One last thing, resist the urge to restart, especially if it’s a long race. You never know when you’re opponent will crash, giving you the opportunity to pull ahead. Plus, no matter your place at the finish, you’ll still earn XP. Tip number 3: speed cards and leveling. Speed Cards are key to maximizing your car’s performance level.

You will be awarded these cards after winning an event or you can purchase them at a tune-up shop. Each card has a rating, a brand, and up to three perks. Perks will improve your cards speed, acceleration, nitrous, air or breaks. There are six spots to place speed cards, and if you match three or six brands, you’ll get added bonuses. You can hang onto your unused cards if you want, but you’ll get more out of them if you sell them or trade them in for part tokens. You can trade three-part tokens for a brand new speed card.

By the way, you wanna check your car’s performance level versus the race level. If you’re not at a high enough level, you can revisit old races and challenges to gain more speed cards, XP, and coin. Tip number four: gas stations and garages.

When you come across a gas station, take a drive on through, it’ll give your car a nice little clean-up. And when you find a garage, you’ll have the option to buy it, this will unlock a free fast travel point. Fast traveling to any other location will cost you.

You’ll also be able to access your cars, allowing for customization. Having multiple garages all over the map will come in handy when you’re heading to a new race or finding the collectibles hidden through the valley. Speaking of collectibles, you’ll occasionally come across postcards that have photo clues on them, these will lead you to car parts. Collect all parts and you’ll be able to build derelicts, aka the most upgradable cars in the Valley. Upgrade them to go from scrap to stock, to supercar. As for other collectibles, keep an eye out for giant, glowing poker chips, there are 100 in all.

Or you can smash billboards, too, for rep and bank. There are 30 of them across the map. And don’t forget to check for shipments. You’ll periodically unlock them by completing challenges. They’ll have a vanity item, part tokens, and that sweet cash money.

Payback’s action-driving experience will put you in the hot seat with its heist movie inspired sequences and storyline. The customization is endless and the competition is fierce. So have a blast racing the house out of town while satisfying your need for speed.